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The Story of Chosen Coast

Designed in Style and Built for Adventure

Chosen Coast was built out of love for adventure, clothing and the ocean. The owners met in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA where they studied art and fashion. Over the years the couple created several brands and "other Masterpieces" including two wonderful children. 

Life is always considered an adventure for these two and you never know what's next. They moved back to their hometowns in South Lake Tahoe, CA away from the bright lights of Los Angeles to find more peace and raise their babies near their families. 

Overtime the couple grew anxious to get back to the ocean, that is where they not only fell in love but where their souls felt the most expanded. They searched ocean to ocean for several years in hopes of finding just the right place to move their families and start their next adventure. They found the perfect location, it was across the United States on the Atlantic ocean in the little city of Saint Augustine Beach, FL. They had finally found their Chosen Coast.

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